"Putting People First"
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The CDP Leadership

"Building a true Democratic Party on a solid foundation"

The Citizens Democratic Party acknowledges the legitimacy of this concern. Currently, CDP's direction is being steered by an interim committee, coordinated by
ordinary citizens. This group is made up of a cross section of the Zambian society that includes seasoned professionals, academicians, students and future
politicians. Our current interim leadership is an efficient team, focused to ensure that we do not create a "one-man" autocratic party, but a party which holds
strong institutional democratic values. We are putting the message of CDP first before any one individual.  

CDP's strategy is to build an organization primarily centered on issues and not individuals. A common theme in Zambian politics is that political parties are
personalized. However, individuals are corruptible and susceptible to err. Consider carefully the past and present political parties in Zambia. It is apparent that their
vitality and subsequent ineffectiveness has been, and still is, a product of cults of personality.  The Citizens Democratic Party is therefore, taking the lessons from
the political history of our nation and using them to build a strong political organization whose foundation will be based on ideology and core values rather than

CDP is unleashing a more effective new culture of Zambian politics. Be assured that the organization has a set timetable to release detailed information on party
leadership at an appropriate time. CDP expects a considerable number of requests for the subject information, but our party is blazing a new path not undertaken
yet in Zambian politics.

CDP intends to attract a strong membership whose allegiance will be pledged first to our principles and ideals centered on our party ideology "Putting People First".
In so doing, we hope to instill in our membership a commitment to good governance and a responsibility to our country.  And in turn we hope that even the
inevitable off-shoots of The Citizens Democratic Party will take this with them to continue a new culture of politics for Zambia.

When the Interim leadership of the party is announced, you will see new and fresh faces, and yet familiar attainable goals for our country. The Citizens Democratic
Party is committed to building a party centered on an ideal and never an individual. CDP acknowledges that as with all new paths, there is an acceptable level of
discomfort for you; our potential membership.

However, we ask you to join hands with CDP. Together, let us build an organization whose primary focus will be on ISSUES and SOLUTIONS for our country
rather than PERSONALITIES.


The Citizens Democratic Party
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Lusaka, Zambia.
Email: citizens@thecitizensdemocraticparty.com