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We have been making serious progress since our registration, and the uniqueness of both our vision and manifesto has resulted in our leadership team being
invited on several high-profile media shows. Without doubt, our message represents
real change and has been identified by the Zambian citizenry, as one which
long overdue, as it positively departs from “Zambian politics as usual”. Already in our short existence CDP has sparked a debate on the need for a clear
separation of powers in our governance system, moving away from the usual non-productive politics of insults. We have to spread this different message that
CDP has to all corners of Zambia, and this is only possible with your financial help.

As you may also be aware, Zambian political parties are “self-funded” and rely completely on the good-will of both private citizens and non-private citizens. Our
electoral law does not inhibit any person from giving any amount to a political party.

We are therefore appealing to you to pledge finances to support your organization. Do not just witness this idea that Zambia can do better.
Take a step further and proudly be a part of history by giving generously to the Citizens Democratic Party. See below:

    We are still setting up our facility to allow you to support your party, that will make history for our country. Please watch this space as you will
    be able to give directly thought our website. We have to first ensure that we set up a secure facility, and we are working tirelessly to
    complete this new feature. In the mean time, we have the following options:

    Internationally or within Zambia; you may deposit/transfer your contribution directly into our account at any ZANACO Branch ( The Citizens
    Democratic Party A/C 0750440000000341); International transfer the swift code for our ZANACO Branch is ZNCO LU ZM.

    *For those specifically in the U.S, you may also contact our New York Representative/Director of the CDP National Policy Council, Mr.
    Campbell Lumbila on  (347) 306 4417, or simply email him: citizensviews@thecitizensdemocraticparty.com ;Subject line  "ATTN Campbell

    *If you want to make a pledge for a future donation, simply get in touch with us via phone/website and we will send you a reminder prior to the
    date you can honour your pledge.
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