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"The no politics zone"- An appointment for our "Diaspora District"

The CDP Leadership is excited to announce this initiative to be launched shortly. We will use this initiative as a
apolitical forum to maximize interaction with Zambian Citizens all across the globe to the benefit of our
economic development. The Zambian Diaspora District is an extremely potent force that needs to be
harnessed and used to advance ideas in many critical areas of Zambia's Economic Development. The internet
is an important tool that we should all take advantage of, especially in the Diaspora.  Our goal will not be to
simply reach out, but to actually
engage willing Zambians to take a stake in our country's direction. Time to put
some of that world knowledge to use for our country's benefit as well! We are lining up a patriotic panel of
Zambians in the Diaspora, as well as other co-operating partners for this initiative. With the Diaspora being
privileged to have a bird's eye view of issues, coupled with the Zambians "home-ground" advantage, this forum
is bound to produce great ideas which we can lobby for implementation.  
All discussions will be strictly
economic-no partisan politics here.

Watch this space as we will shortly be putting up the agenda of what will be discussed. And if you are already
excited about the idea and wish to actively take part, please email:

citizensviews@thecitizensdemocraticparty.com ;Subject line should read "ATTN Campbell Lumbila".
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