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"Putting People First"
Fourth Agenda
Draft Manifesto

1.        Healthcare institutions are generally poorly funded

2.        Lack of modern equipment in all healthcare institutions

3.        Health professionals poorly renumerated and unmotivated under the current system.
The Problem

1.        Increase total general government expenditure on health as a percentage of total government expenditure.

2.        Allocate adequate funds for medical and pharmaceutical research

3.        Transform provincial hospitals and health centers into three autonomous healthcare systems in three regions:

    i.          Region 1- Copperbelt, Northwestern and Western province

    ii.        Region 2- Lusaka, Central and Southern province

    iii.       Region 3- Eastern, Northern and Luapula province

4.        The Central government will establish a subsidized health insurance system under the auspices of the ministry of health and in consultation with the ministries of Labor,
Finance, insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry.

5.        The cost of medical care for our citizens shall be met by three parties;

    i.          The central government- Children, senior citizens and the unemployed families.

    ii.         The central government, the employer and the employee- for those in low income bracket.

    iii.         Employer and employee- for those who are in high income bracket

6.          Establish ambulance service managed by the health care systems. Other private investors shall be encouraged to own ambulance companies and operate this service.

7.          Strictly enforce national and health laws in places of work, bars, restaurants, hotels, schools and hospitals.
The CDP Solution

Transform the current health institutions into autonomous health care systems.
"Putting People First in quality accessible health care"
For two decades, the provision of quality healthcare for our people has not been achieved. Our highly trained doctors and
nurses have left the country to the benefit of countries in the region and beyond. Our citizens need them back! It is not right
that government and party officials go overseas for treatment while our people are dying in local hospitals. It is the
realization of the CDP, that there is a serious lack of financial input in a sector which deserves to be a priority in a
developing nation's agenda.

Seldom do we hear of that the government has injected huge amounts of money to pursue our health programs. Rather we
hear preposterous amounts being spent on trivial issues. The CDP refuses to view the health of our nation as a simple foot
note. As party policy, we intend to pump in massive capital in training our medical personnel and making sure they are well
compensated for the noble work they do. In so doing, we also hope to attract our learned citizens in the Diaspora to come
back and work for their people.

The CDP also intends to prioritize healthcare by encouraging and engaging the private sector to capitalize on insurance
plans with the participation of the people and the government. Again, we intend to utilize Zambian professionals and other
stakeholders to formulate a comprehensive program, which we as a party will make sure is implemented.
It is our belief that the bottom-line of solving the healthcare issue is deliberately and effectively injecting more finances into
the health sector than is currently. It is important to note here, that the CDP realizes that the health of a nation is directly
related to the wealth of a nation.