The Citizens Democratic Party
P.O.Box 37277
Lusaka, Zambia.
Tel: +260-955-600674
The formation of small CDP groups in various communities have proved to be an effective way of communicating, organizing and creating
a bond among our party members. Don't be the one  left out. Pick a group and join today and start communicating with other members.
If there is no group in your area, step forward and seize the opportunity to
START a GROUP today and invite friends to join you.
Coventry Group
The Lusaka Youths Group
Deal in Environmental Issues facing the country at the moment  
e.g Copperbelt and kabwe mine and Waste Management in all
the  provinces
Making youths of lusaka know that they are part and  parcel of the
CDP and one of the ways they can contribute is by  joining The
Lusaka Youths group; hence increasing the membership of CDP.
Making the Government more transparent,accountable to the
electorate,  this will invlove making up a decree to only appoint
people to high  offices with sound qualifications,revisit current
laws and acts that have  been hindering on the need to be
Grasroot Focus Group
Focusing on the issues affecting Zambia from a grassroot level
onwards... Matters encompassed by the very basic needs of a  
human being - Food, Shelter, Health etc
Health Group
A Healthy Nation is a Productive Nation. As such, through open
and intelligent discussion, the Health Group seeks to identify the
numerous challenges facing the Zambian Health Care System,
and to develop practical and novel ideas to address them.
Kitwe Monitors Group
Foccusing on the issues affecting zambia from the grassroot level
Look at issues affecting the zambian labour force.
Making the government more transparent and accountable to the
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To educate the people on the importance of Zambians
benefitting from the massive mineral wealth the country is
endowed with.Explain to the mining and ex-mining Zambians the
importance of diversifying into agriculture and reduce over
dependency on mining here in Mufulira District.
The Miners Group
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Women's Agenda Group
Inspiring Women to actively realize their potential as influencial
and equal partners in Zambia's development. Enabling them with
a knowledge base that will facilitate their involvement in positive
economic, social and political growth.
Ensuring that every Zambian has the opportunity to attain a
well-rounded education. Through this enlightenment they will
gain awareness of social, political, economic, and human right
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My CDP Group Vision
poverty, cultural practices, environmental deterioration, population
growth, water scarcity & quality, disease, gender inequality, and
urbanization, as well as integration of environmental sustainability
into development policy and practice tailored for the Zambian
Ensure the poor, who are the most affected by environmental
impact from mining / commercial farming / manufacturing
activities, benefit from the great exploitation of the environment (e.
g., for timber, housing and energy resources). The environment
plays a central role in the indigenous people’s culture in
education, health, literacy, nutrition, religion, and traditions.
SD = economic development + social development +
environmental protection
My CDP Group
"Putting People First"