The Citizens Democratic Party
P.O.Box 37277
Lusaka, Zambia.
Tel: +260-955-600674,  Email:
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Putting People First
The Citizens Democratic Party
Putting Civic Matters First
Educating our citizens
An idea, unlike a genetic trait, has to be
taught in order to sustain its continuity.
Democracy and its values is such an
idea that has to be taught in form of civic
education from generation to generation
for it to work and achieve that continuity.
It is important therefore, that our citizenry
is continuously enlightened in civic
matters to in order to effectively
contribute to the governance of our
The National Anthem>> take pride in your country, know your nation anthem
The Zambia National Anthem

Stand and sing of Zambia, proud and free
Land of work and joy in unity

Victors in the struggle for their right

We have won freedom's fight

All one, strong and free

Africa is our own motherland

Fashioned and blessed by God's good hand

Let us all her people join as one

Brothers under the sun

All one, strong and free

One Land and one nation is our cry

Dignity and peace beneath Zambia's sky

Like our noble eagle in its flight

Zambia, praise to thee

All one strong and free


Praise be to God

Praise be, praise be, praise be

Bless our great nation

Zambia, Zambia, Zambia

Free men we stand

Under the flag of our land

Zambia, praise to thee

All one strong and free