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"Putting People First"
Our Letter to Zambian MPs on the current proposal to remove the "abuse of authority" clause/offence.
"MP's should know that this proposal does not put Zambians first"

Dear Honourable Member(s) of Parliament,

Ref: Removal of the Offence of “Abuse of Authority”

As a political organization that understands and appreciates the responsibility owed to our citizens, we will be remiss not to oppose this
travesty of a bill, whose considerations do not put the interest of our people first. It is with this background that we are appealing to you as a
current representative of the interests of your constituents, to individually consider the future ramifications of allowing the referenced
bill/clause to be translated into law. This bill originated by the MMD, as a “corrective measure” against corruption is an ill-conceived
diagnosis and solution to the extremely poignant problem of corruption that our potentially great nation is not only facing, but is enduring its
ugly consequences on a daily basis.

Do not be mistaken, the citizens to whom you each supposedly owe allegiance to, know and understand that “Abuse of Authority” is a very
clear-cut and specific action. There is absolutely no combination of words; however intelligent, that can nullify the action of “Abuse of
Authority” and thus exclude this offence from our laws. It is baffling to note one named Cabinet Minister lamentably attempt to defend this
bill by saying, “It [offence of abuse of authority] is harmful to the management process…people are now afraid to make decisions for fear of
being criminalized on account of the same clause”. This justification made by the said senior member of the MMD Government’s Executive,
simultaneously demonstrates a shallow and yet deliberate misunderstanding of the importance of accountability to our citizenry.  If this is
the argument coming from the proposers of this bill, and it successfully goes through, we will be correct in assuming that your allegiance as
MP(s) do not lie with your constituents and country. Further, the language of the bill itself is carelessly ambiguous and any person(s) who
indeed abuses his or her authority, stands to get away with a serious crime on a mere technicality of law.

By this letter, we urge all up-standing MPs worthy of the title “Honourable” to not only shoot down this proposal by Parliamentary vote, but
begin legislating and refining proper policy and procedure for government functionaries that will further increase accountability.  It is only
by applying different and wholesome methods that we will see a positive direction in the governance of our nation- a privilege and service
afforded to you by our citizens. We encourage and push each and everyone of you, to think beyond party lines, and be very conscious of the
current plight of the majority of our people, who depend on the decisions you make in that House for a better and hopeful future. This bill
should not pass.

On behalf of the Citizens Democratic Party,

Robert Mwanza

Mulenga Chiteba, LLB UNZA
Director- Legal Affairs