The Citizens Democratic Party
P.O.Box 37277
Lusaka, Zambia.
Tel: +260-955-600674  

The vision of the Citizens Democratic Party is to "Put People First" in a decentralized national governance system that will be compatible with an economy that will guarantee Zambians of a life of
hope, freedom, and opportunity where people in their own communities can decide what’s best for them rather than being told what to do by the central government in Lusaka.

In contrast, what is being practiced in Zambia is de-concentration, which is sometimes called administrative or bureaucratic decentralization. This system of governance simply transfer functions
from the central government to the district or provincial offices. Real decision-making is retained by the central government.

The Citizens Democratic Party will lead a smaller but efficient government with clear separation of power among the three arms of government; the executive, the legislature and the judiciary, by
strictly appointing cabinet ministers from outside parliament.

The mission of the Citizens Democratic Party is to:

1.        Realign the political landscape of Zambia by decentralizing our governance system, while upholding our founding father’s philosophy of one Zambia one nation.

2.        Reform the tax code in conformity with a decentralized governance system.

The definition of the CDP Draft Manifesto is driven and inspired by the CDP core principle; "Putting People First".

Our Draft Manifesto distinguishes itself from the traditional presentation of any other party's' manifesto in the way it has been structured.

This is not a Manifesto of
promises; rather it is a Manifesto of solutions.

The CDP recognizes that our country is plagued with many problems which can easily be identified from virtually any angle. To catalogue
and address every single challenge our nation faces would result in a non-cohesive Manifesto, which may turn out to be self-
contradictory. With this in mind, the Draft Manifesto focuses on the
root and core issues which once resolved will provide the momentum
to solve the critical challenges our nation faces. The Draft Manifesto will be found to lie within the parameters of the CDP 7-Point Agenda.
The goals in the Draft Manifesto are mainly, but not limited to the following;

  1. A revolutionary change in the manner government business will be conducted through immediate decentralization to bring
    power closer to the rightful owners; the people.
  2. A reduction in size of the central government
  3. A clear and defined separation of powers between the three arms of government to pave way for transparency to root out
    the culture of corruption
  4. A massive and deliberate political and economic investment into our people.

The strength of the CDP Manifesto lies in the practicality of its implementation. We hope that, you, our citizenry will find the document
easy to understand, and your general feed back is important to us as we work towards the launch of the party.

It is the intention of the CDP that the Manifesto will be a creation of the people by the people and for the people.
"Putting People First"
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