The Citizens Democratic Party
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"Putting People First"
Sixth Agenda
Draft Manifesto

Reduce crime in cities and towns to levels that will instill a sense of security and peace of mind to the citizenry.

1.        Police Service not adequately equipped nor trained to combat crime.

2.        Inadequate number of police officers.

3.        Lack of a national data base of all people living in and outside Zambia.

4.        Unmotivated police officers and poorly re-numerated.

1.        With funds from the cost- containment  program and traffic violation fines the following will be pursued;

    i.         Re-equip police service with modern fighting tools and training

    ii.        Increase the current fleet of police vehicles and motor cycles

    iii.       Build appropriate police station facilities

    iv.       Employee more police officers

    v.        Review current salary scales

2.       The Ministry of Home Affairs shall be charged with the responsibility to create a national data base of all people living in and outside Zambia.

3.       The National Registration Card number shall be allocated one year after birth and the number indicated on the birth certificate as a measure to prevent fraud of NRC issuance.

4.        The department of passports and citizenship will be reorganized to curb corruption and bribery. Passport processing will be done in regional offices. Example; region 1 will
process applications for region 3, region 2 for region 4 and vice versa.

5.        All approved and issued passports, drivers licenses, N.R.Cs will be mailed to the applicants to avoid human interaction which breeds bribery and corruption.
The CDP Solution
The Problem
"Putting People First in prevention against crime"

For two decades, we have seen crime in our cities and towns escalate to high levels. Our businesses are unable to keep
their businesses open with peace of mind, and daily our citizenry are exposed to the risk of being victims of criminal
activity. The Zambian Air Force, Zambia Army, Zambian National Service, and Zambia Police will all play an integral part in
keeping our country safe.

The Police Service, is the security wing that has been blatantly disrespected and abandoned by our successive
governments. We acknowledge that at the very basic level, the police service is tasked with everyday direct interaction
with our citizenry. Unfortunately, some of the Police Service's frustrations are seen in the manner with which they deal with
the communities they are tasked to protect. There is opportunity to improve relations between the police, and the society
they aim to protect. Current conditions do not provide them [Police Service] either the morale or ability to properly execute
their duties. Further, their current numbers are simply not sufficient to enforce the law. It is therefore an imperative that
our men and women in uniform are provided with adequate training, and deserving compensation packages as the nature
of their job requires them to put their lives on the line everyday. With this in mind, the CDP as a first step will strive to
improve the current working conditions of our police service, and in turn hopefully attract more people to this profession to
effectively combat crime. We will commit to attend to the grievances of the Police Service, with the seriousness it deserves.